About Us

BAAZ GROUP is a privately held diversified business with operations in Madagascar, Russia, India, Belgium and Austria. The present areas of activity include:

  • Investment Promotion
  • Agriculture and Animal Farming
  • Tourism, Travel Services and Car Hire
  • Hospitality and Convenience
  • Manufacturing of Farm Equipment
  • Aviation
  • Construction

The Group identifies and analyses the best business opportunities available in the target countries. Seed money is then invested into the identified business opportunity. After successful operation of the business for a nominated period of time, the group readies the business for expansion by raising capital in the private funds market.

Our previous ventures have all proved to be successful, and all of our investments remain in operation today. We continue to search for further profitable and productive business opportunities.

The Group also creates awareness about investment opportunities that exist in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Madagascar. Our main role is assisting entrepreneurs in making informed decisions and making business investment easy for them.

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