The Group actively promotes inbound investment in the Republic of Madagascar. We have extensive experience in Madagascar in various business areas. The Group comprehends the investment climate and endeavours to promote, encourage and facilitate exchange at business and cultural level.

The Republic of Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean region close to Mauritius and French Overseas Departments of Reunion and Mayotte.

Geographically, Madagascar is world’s 4th biggest island with a surface area of 587,041 sq km. The population of the country is 22 million and is Malayo-Indonesian in origin. The languages spoken are Malagasy, French and English.

The country has rich mineral resources, vast fertile land and immense natural beauty. The country’s huge potential has been recognized by large corporations from around the world. Various sectors such as mining, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure have received sizeable investments which has resulted in large scale employment for the people of Madagascar and put in action huge development plans for Madagascar.

The Group assists in identification of investment opportunity in line with investor field of experience, setting up of company and registration of business, obtaining clearances from various ministries, staff recruitment and ongoing support. The Group promotes the trade and investment between overseas entities and entities in Madagascar. It is a central point for comprehensive information on doing business in Madagascar and carries forward the aim and resolve of the Government of Madagascar to promote trade exchange and mutual beneficial development of the people of Madagascar and the investing entity. To this end, the Government of Madagascar provides wholesome support to the investing entity in achieving their targets.

The Group provides liaison services and feasibility report for interested investors on various pre-identified investment opportunities in the country. The various fields of investment include agriculture, food processing, animal husbandry, mining, tourism, services sector, energy generation and infrastructure.