The aim of the Government of Madagascar is to provide uninterrupted electricity to all households and commercial installations. This holds good opportunity for large scale investors to develop power generation sector in the country. The public sector welcomes partnership from private operators to develop wind and hydro power generation sectors. The materials to develop such plants can be locally made, and labour is also easily sourced locally.

The wind speed can reach 8 m/s at 50 m height in the North of Madagascar and 8 to 9 m/s at 50 m height in the South. Madagascar’s substantial onshore wind resources offer potential for large-scale grid-connected wind farms.

Madagascar’s electricity is generated by hydro and thermal stations. The eastern region of Madagascar has huge hydro power generation opportunity owing to many waterfalls in the region. The hydro electricity potential is estimated at 7800 MW with 150 MW utilized.

Annual solar energy capacity is estimated at 2000 KW/h/m2. There are opportunities for small and large-scale deployments of grid-connected systems and off-grid remote locations.

Alternative transport fuel opportunities exists in leasing land for cultivating plants like jatropha and sugarcane to harness energy from the oil produced from this and related fruits.